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The Ten Key Values of the Greens

Ecological wisdom

More than environmentalism, this means living in harmony with our surroundings - including our neighbors. We believe technology should be people-centered and beneficial. We try to live lightly on the earth, and encourage others to do so.

Social justice

The promises in the Constitution are for everyone, regardless of our differences. Everyone deserves their shot at a healthy, meaningful life in a fair society.

Grassroots democracy

People have the right and the intelligence to run their own affairs with little outside interference. Communities should be respected as a foundation of life. In practice, Greens make decisions by voluntary consensus whenever possible.


Violence is morally wrong and ineffective, because it treats the symptoms of problems, not their causes. Greens support self-defense, but encourage cooperation.


Centralization causes numerous problems in modern society, because elected officials are out of touch with the people they supposedly represent. Greens believe that the closer decisions are made to those who are affected, the better it is.

Community-based economics

Economics should respect and maintain families, not uproot them. Greens value people over profit. Business can be responsible and profitable.


Greens are feminists, which means we believe in the equality of women and men, regardless of sexual orientation. No one has the right to define or limit anyone else.

Respect for diversity

In nature, diversity isn't just a pleasant goal, it's a core requirement. Greens believe diversity is both a cause and an effect of a healthy society.

Personal and global responsibility

The more we learn, the more we realize that what we do has far-reaching effects. We must be responsible to the environment and to our neighbors both next door and worldwide. Greens think globally and act locally.

Future focus/sustainability

We have to be responsible to our descendants, down to "the seventh generation", as American Indians say. We must not overuse resources.

THE QUESTION isn't whether you should become Green - it's whether you already are. If you believe in these values, you are already a part of the Green movement. By working together, we can accomplish more than any of us could do alone. By voting together, we can elect officials who embody and promote our values. Support our Green Movement!