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Concerning the support of Dennis Kucinich: 


The Green Party of Kent County, in efforts to promote and propagate a progressive agenda that aligns with the principles of the party and the ideals of its movement, supports the candidacy of Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who we believe can at least raise crucial issues for mainstream discussion, if not actually win. We feel his message and principles match those that the Green Party strives to promote, and thus he is an excellent candidate for the presidency of the United States. The GPKC, in issuing this resolution, is not endorsing Mr. Kucinich so much as it is endorsing the propagation of a peaceful and sensible coalition. We feel strong principles are inherent in Mr. Kucinich, principles that transcend organization and party affiliation. A coalition for peace can overcome the sinister agendas of the current administration, and actions taken now to increase awareness and stimulate thought and debate will serve to increase the momentum of the movement.